Rolltop Laptop

Rolltop Closed
I'm not what you would consider a technology buff. Sure I sit behind a computer 60 hours a week, but I still don't have an Iphone and it's been three years since I lost my Ipod - still yet to replace it. I guess I'm a bit old school.

I've certainly been following all the Ipad gossip, but this new little gadget caught my attention as something truly original.

Rolltop Opening

Designers in Germany have come up with a whole new design for the portable laptop. A flexible LCD screen that rolls up like a paper towel. Assuming it has the power, speed and multi-media capability of a modern high powered machine this new "Rolltop" could find a welcome niche market.

After having spent a week in AK with a backpack on, I could see myself bringing this thing up to the top of a mountain in my heli pack alongside my shovel, beacon and probe.

Rolltop Fully Open

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